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QtWeb Internet Browser 3.8

QtWeb Internet Browser - lightweight, secure and portable browser
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QtWeb Internet Browser is a very simple yet powerful Internet surfing tool that allows browsing the web with ease and comfort. It has a very intuitive and graphical interface, which makes the task even easier. You can access most of the browser’s configuration and tuning options through clearly identifiable icons.

Internet surfing with this versatile browser is quite fast as well. It uses the same rendering engine as Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari, which makes page browsing a really quick job. This browser also attaches much importance to security and privacy. It is completely safe to surf the web using this browser, just as safe as other major browsers, like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, can be.

This impressive browser is fairly light - therefore, it is useful for browsing the Web without consuming many system resources. It is also portable, which means that the browser's developer provides you with a ZIP package from where you can run the application without installing it! This browser is an open source software tool - thereby, you can also have access to the code in case you need it.

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